Wayside Signs

Educational & Informative

Wayside Signs are a fantastic way to communicate the significance of a site's history to visitors 24/7. We work with you to write the content and design the sign's appearance.

Funded by Grants

The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation Inc., seeks to install new wayside signs annually with the assistance of grant funding from the City of Plano Heritage Commission.

Sites all over Plano

We select our wayside sign sites based on their historical, architectural, or cultural merit and significance. Since funding for many of the signs comes from City of Plano grants, they must be installed within Plano city limits. Alternatively funded wayside signs are also an option for locations outside of Plano.

Recent Wayside Signs

L.A. Davis Cemetery


Located in Historic Downtown Plano, this cemetery was the African-American cemetery for those in the Douglass Community.

Bethany Historic Site


Located just south of Bethany Cemetery, this early Plano settlement site included a church and school begun by the group of families that lived nearby.

Wildcat Stadium (Williams Field)


Wildcat Stadium was home of the Plano High School football team from 1964 to 1975.

Baccus Cemetery


Nestled in the modern Shops at Legacy complex, this cemetery was established in 1847 by the Cook family.

Old City Cemetery


Located in the Douglass Community in Historic Downtown Plano, this cemetery is home to some of Plano's earliest settlers. This cemetery was recently restored by the Plano Conservancy after falling into neglect and disrepair. 

Houston & Texas Central Railroad


This wayside sign is located in Downtown Plano next to the DART line to educate tourists about the history of the Houston & Texas Central rail which ran through the area.