Explore Community History

Plano Walking Tour

Visitors and new residents often ask “what’s old in Plano?” At first glance, it may seem like nothing is old…but take a closer look…

As you trace the footsteps of our early pioneer settlers, you will have greater awareness of earlier people, places and events that have helped to shape our past, present and continue to influence Plano’s future.

The links to the left allow you to download documents that will take you on a self-guided walking tour of some of the historic areas of Plano.

Today’s Plano is much changed from the city of just a generation ago, but the growth of the city and the nature of its spirit can be traced back to those first settlers who came to the area 150 years ago.

So put on your walking shoes and prepare to explore, learn and discover more about the history of the city of Plano!

Want to see more before you head out the door? 

Check out this Plano Television Network video highlighting some of the sites in Historic Plano.

 (Hard copies of maps and accompanying guide brochures are also available at The Interurban Railway Museum, and museum staff are available to answer your questions and provide directions and guidance during their regular business hours. Maps/guides are also available at The Plano Chamber of Commerce.)